VIDEO: New 2018 Datsun Go Plus Facelift Review, Big Space Small Price

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Datsun recently unveiled the updated version of the Go and Go+ models, which we were invited to drive in Chennai some days back. We already have done a comprehensive review of the Go hatchback, click here to watch that review. Coming back to the Go+, here is our review of the MPV which is based on the Go and even shares the same wheelbase, is a bit longer and weighs just 36 kilograms heavier. The car shares the changes with the Go hatchback so we do not talk about them in this review, in this review we talk about the things that are different from the Go and what kind of value this car offers.

Datsun Go+ review Interior

The exterior follows the same changes that you see on the Go hatchback, namely, a new grille with chrome, LED fog lamps and a much more aggressively styled bumper. It is when you look the car from the side that you notice it is longer and due to its extra length the Go+ does not have a proportionate design like the Go. The rear also is designed differently and we prefer the rear of the Go in terms of looks. The extra length does get you a bigger boot though, once the third row of seats is folded down, the car offers a storage space of 347 litres.

Datsun Go+ review seats

The interior of the car has the same layout as the Go but in this car, you get a dual tone dash, finished in beige and black. just like the Go, you will find the new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment console which adds great value to the car. Apart from that, the Go+ get a silver contrast accent on the seat covers instead of orange in the Go and you also get an additional third row of seats which can be accessed by tumbling the middle row of seats. Access to the seat is not easy for an adult and even the space on offer is minimum, the seats are best suited for children only for short journeys.

Datsun Go+ review side

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In terms of driving the Go+ feels pretty much the same as the Go and uses the same 1.2-litre three-pot motor which is good for 68 PS of power and 102 Nm of torque. Despite the extra length, the car pretty much drives like the Go which is quite a decent car to drive. Just like the Go even the Go+ misses an optional AMT transmission which is sort of a disappointment. In conclusion, we would like to say from INR 3.83 L to INR 5.69 L, the Go+ is pretty much the most spacious car at this price point which makes it a great value for money proposition, that said if you are a person who is not looking for that extra space, we would definitely recommend the Go hatchback instead of the Go+. Do watch our video below and give it a thumbs up if you like it.

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