Consumer Reports has named the Tesla Model S its “Best Overall” vehicle for 2015, for the 2nd time in a row. Despite the Model S not being an all-new car, the respected journal said Tesla’s ability to send software updates to its vehicles through the Internet has prevented the car from being rendered obsolete as new features are introduced in competing cars.

“For all of the impressive new vehicles released in 2014, none was able to eclipse the innovation, magnificence, and sheer technological arrogance of the Tesla. That’s why it’s our best overall pick for the second consecutive year,” notesConsumer Reports in its summary. “Through the course of their life cycles, cars become obsolete quickly as newer models appear with updated gizmos. But with Tesla’s over-the-air software updates, a Model S that came off the line in 2013 has many of the same new features as one built today.”

Consumer Reports also reiterate that Tesla Model S buyers are more satisfied with their new cars than those of any other model, whether electric, petrol, or diesel. “The Model S is a technological tour de force, a high-performance electric vehicle with usable real-world range, wrapped in a luxury package,” it summed up. The electric sedan, which starts at around $67,000, won the award in 2014 as well. In 2013, the car received Consumer Reports highest grade ever for a car, giving it a 99 out of 100 satisfaction score, the highest score the magazine has seen in years.

Tesla sold almost 10,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2014 and expects to sell about 55,000 vehicles in 2015. A new SUV called the Model X will start deliveries in the third quarter of this year.