Top 5 Modified Yamaha YZF R15s

Top 5 modified Yamaha YZF R15's from across the world. Some of the mod jobs are simply ridiculous!

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The Yamaha YZF R15 is a charming motorcycle which packs a sweet combination of good looks and great engineering. A result is a machine which behaves and rides like no other 150cc motorcycle out there and is the perfect tool to hop on and hone your fast-riding skills. Even for those who have graduated beyond the level ‘Rookie’, it still is a riot once you’ve swung a leg over. There are also those who have transformed this machine into something which is a lot more. Let’s take a look at such Top 5 modified Yamaha YZF R15 examples.

The 190 Km/h R15

Yamaha R15 195 KPH Speed

A 150 cc motorcycle which can do 194 kph on its speedometer? Outrageous right. Just what we thought when we came across this example which revs till 13,000 rpm. Going by the visual reference of how things pass by, the motorcycle does seem to be doing those ridiculous speeds for a 150 cc. But we aren’t sure as what exactly has been sprinkled on the engine. A turbocharger maybe? Or an engine swap altogether? Our guess is as good as yours.

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The Gadget Freak R15

Modified Yamaha R15 front quarter

This modified R15 bike gets a bunch of features which includes cruise control, GPS navigation and some more. The first thing to catch your attention would be the fingerprint scanner which can be used to switch the ignition on of the bike. In true Knight Rider style, once the ignition is switched on, the side view mirrors open up electrically! Behind the windscreen is a touchscreen which can be used for various functions of the bike. The bike has been fitted with features like mobile phone control, Anti-theft alarm, GPS navigation, call notification with message alerts, auto headlight, auto high low beam, a rearview camera, highway flasher and voice control.

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The R15 With A Seat-Eject Button

Yamaha R15 Touchscreen display and seat ejector

This modified example really has a button which ejects its rear seat. Okay, it doesn’t eject in a way which will propel the pillion into outer space, but still. The motorcycle also features auto headlights, an in-built mobile charger. And there’s a touchscreen colour screen fitted above the fuel lid which displays navigation, caller id, bike info, and a lot more.

Watch Video: Crazy Yamaha R15 With A Seat Eject Button Is Back With a Touchscreen On Its Tank

The R15 which thinks it’s an HP4 Race

Yamaha R15 V2 To BMW HP4 Race Transformation (1)

This audacious Yamaha emulates the best on two wheels from Germany and it does so quite well. Agreed, it’s only in terms of appearance, but just look at it! That tinted visor, the decals, those gold-finished premium forks, the bodywork, and even the exhaust pipe, all have been mimicked to perfection.

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The R15 Which Wants To Look Like Its Big Brother

Yamaha R15 V3 To R1M Bolt on kit

This example wears a bolt-on kit which turns the R15 into something which resembles Yamaha’s flagship – the R1. The kit can be bought online and includes a headlamp setup which is similar in appearance to the R1’s, a new windshield, all-new side and front panels, a new front fender, underside panels, mirrors with integrated trafficators, and a completely new tail section with integrated illumination bits.

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