This Bolt-On Kit Can Make The Yamaha R15 V3 Live Its R1M Dream

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It isn’t a secret that one of the biggest reasons the Yamaha R15 has been so popular is for the way it looks. Its scaled-down superbike appearance sure does hide a lot of mechanical brilliance underneath too, but its the R-series inspired design which hits the nail. The bike has also been a great canvas for the mod crazy folks out there and no wonder, someone has come up with a bolt-on kit, which transforms the Yamaha R15 V3 into a mean looking R1M.

The kit includes a headlamp setup which is similar in appearance to the R1M’s, a new windshield, all-new side and front panels, a new front fender, underside panels, mirrors with integrated trafficators, and a completely new tail section with integrated illumination bits. That’s not it, they will even paint the panels in a colour of your choice and ship the components to you anywhere in the world. If you filter through their parts inventory, you might even find USD forks for your R15.

Don’t like matte black? There’s a matte Red finished option too! That’s not it. If the R1M doesn’t cut it for you for some reason, they have bolt-on kits which can transform your R15 into an R6 too. The Indonesia based outfit is called Radhit modifikasi and you may find more of their work on youtube and elsewhere or check out their website, Just make sure you can trust your browser’s translator should you decide to order for a part. In other news, the Yamaha MT-15 is said to be ready for launch on March 15th and we’ll bring you all the updates from the launch event of that motorcycle. A naked R15, like the fully-faired donor bike, the MT-15 will miss out on USD forks and some other components too. All that aside, we wonder if these guys have a kit which transforms the Duke 390 into an Adventure 390.

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