VIDEO: Crazy Yamaha R15 With A Seat Eject Button Is Back With a Touchscreen On Its Tank

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Remember that Yamaha R15 which has a button near its instrument console to eject the pillion seat!? It’s back! This time, it has a touchscreen display that has been fitted above the fuel tank cap. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video yourself!

What else does the bike feature?  It has a keyfob, auto folding/unfolding mirrors, a glowing ring around its keyhole and a beeping sound to tell the rider that the side stand’s still out! There’s a button which unlocks and makes the pillion seat pop out! The bike also gets a keyfob which activates a car like follow me home feature!

The bike gets auto headlights, an in-built mobile charger. And there’s a touchscreen colour screen fitted above the fuel lid which displays navigation, caller id, bike info, and a lot more.

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