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New Skoda Superb India review (1)

We drove the new Skoda Superb yesterday and today from Mumbai to Lonavala Aamby Valley and back as a part of the official media drive for the segment leading sedan. On our way to the resort, where we were meant to spend the night, we drove the 2.0 TDI DSG, while on our way back we drove the 1.8 TSI with DSG. Here we have our first quick impressions about the car. This short piece is meant to serve as new Skoda Superb quick review only. We will come up with a comprehensive review in a short while from now.

The new Superb offers a class leading, velvety low speed ride, which firms up nicely with the increase in speed. There is no questioning the comfort offered within the car as regards ride quality. The handling is good and predictable too. You can have fun with the Superb, however, reasonably well contained body roll can be felt when you push harder.

New Skoda Superb India review (2)

The 2.0 diesel, as experienced in the previous version of the car is a very capable diesel unit with good punch and great fuel economy. The real shove comes in at only past 1800-2000 rpm, but the DSG auto transmission handles the torque amazingly well at lower engine speeds, and shifts seamlessly to keep low speed driving a hassle free affair. The engine also offered good fuel economy to us on our way to Aamby Valley.


A highlight of the car is its fantastic ground clearance and ability to handle bad roads with elan. We were surprised that throughout our drive we did not witness even a single belly scraping incident despite going over some really bad road, including the terrible stretch from Aamby valley to Shilim resort. This is particularly remarkable as the Superb has a long wheelbase, and it’s common with such cars to lose some skin over vicious bumps. Impressive!


We found the steering very smooth at low speeds, aiding maneuverability. The steering tightens up with speed, and the car feels solid even at higher speeds. The steering, though, is slightly vague at higher speeds.

The new Superb, like its predecessor is loaded with features inside out and continues to boast of features which are not available in cars even twice the price. The new Superb facelift looks refreshing in the flesh, and the car has a very premium feel about it. There is acres of space both within the cabin and in the boot – the Superb remains absolutely unmatched much beyond its class when it comes to sheer legroom.


The adaptive headlights available with the top spec Elegance variant are absolutely brilliant – they provide great illumination as well as intelligent lighting of dark inside spots around corners. The swiveling lights offer a great deal of confidence to the driver during night time.

New Skoda Superb India review

The road and ambient noise is quite perceptible in the back seat though. Somehow’ the noise is much less audible at the front seats.

You can check out the complete feature list, along with variant wise breakup on this link

Stay tuned for a much detailed review

New skoda Superb India exterior
New Skoda Superb India review
New Skoda Superb India review (3)
New Skoda Superb India review (2)
New Skoda Superb India review (1)

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