Tripling On Indian Roads Isn’t Approved By Cows Either

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It is a well-known fact that our roads are one of a kind. Jaywalkers, animals, mountain-sized speed breakers and all sorts of challenges await to test our skills when we’re out there trying to reach somewhere. A special mention has to be made for potholes, which appear either out of nowhere or lay themselves out like a minefield. But even with all these hazards, we are such ballsy daredevils, we throw caution to the wind and declare ourselves heroes for the way we ride and drive.

For most of us, wearing safety gear on a motorcycle is like unnecessary clothing on a hot summer day. Heck, one of our cities residents even protested against wearing a helmet, for they think it will make them lose their lustrous mane. And then there’s the bond with our friends, where we have to travel together, even if we outnumber the capacity of the vehicle under us. Just what happened to these young men then, who were riding in the city on their Enfield like they were invincible.

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Cutting across fellow road users and bikers, the rider is full of confidence and such is the faith of his passengers in him, the one in the middle even passes the phone to let him talk while he was riding. Trying to show off his riding skills to what looks like a group of other riders riding responsibly together, suddenly, a Cow decides to test the calcium in all their teeth. For the lack of education in road safety, the innocent animal must’ve surely been hurt after the impact. Also, the three idiots almost take another couple of riders with them before ejecting off their speed machine.

Triple seat cow accident

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What can you do to save yourself from such idiots? Slow down while riding through towns and always keep yourself on high alert and on the lookout for such hazards. Do not respond to calls from rash drivers or riders who will try to engage you into some road rage. Watch out for animals and as a thumb rule, always slow down to a trickle while crossing intersections, both in the city and on the highway.


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