This Modified Café Racer Pays A John Player Special Tribute To The Rajdoot 175

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Café Racers are unique motorcycles with an interesting history. And when we talk about history, the name Rajdoot did write some illustrious chapters in the Indian Motorcycling space of that time. While the buzz is all about Jawa and Enfields these days, the folks at Elemental Motorworks picked a Rajdoot 175 and have added some unique touches to make it re-live its glory days in these modern times. This build adds the design elements of a café racer to this Rajdoot, what with a low positioned handlebar, a chrome-patched fuel tank, minimalist body panels and a unique fairing which sits above an interesting front suspension setup.

Modoifed Rajdoot 175 side

We like how the folks behind this build picked the unique, John Player Special black-and-gold theme for this build, which invokes some of that Lotus Racing nostalgia inside us. It has some functional bits too, where the instrument console on this bike is just one small dial which tells you the speed and next to it is an aircraft-style kill switch which looks right at home. The minimalistic design is carried forward to the rear, where the seat perfectly meets the rear cowl. The boxy fascia of the front fairing carries an LED headlight, which makes the face look unconventional and interesting.

Modified Rajdoot 175 front end

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The front suspension looks different from what we have seen from the Rajdoots’ of that time period. It appears to be making use of a gas-filled rear spring from a modern motorcycle and is connected to link rods which help the bike steer and act as a bolting point. Interestingly, the brake setup has been left untouched. The engine, too, stands out with its partial blacked-out treatment.

Since this is a motorcycle which we think is more of a tribute than an everyday ride, the lack of any suspension setup at the rear seems alright. Helps with the neatness too. Do listen to the way it sounds though. Fits the character of this build perfectly. Below are some images of this bike for you to see, tell us what you think about the bike on our social media accounts.

Modified Rajdoot 175 rear cowl
Modified Rajdoot 175 instrument console
Modified Rajdoot 175 front quarter

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