The Xpeng P7 Is The Tesla Model 3’s Chinese Rival

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Xpeng Motors is going head-to-head with Tesla in China. They recently unveiled their P7 electric sedan which is going to directly rival the American carmaker’s Model 3. Xpeng’s P7 boasts of a longer range and cheaper price. By unveiling the P7 sedan, the battle between both the giants is heated up even further because a few days back, Tesla claimed that an ex-engineer stole confidential information before joining the Chinese company. They even asked a US judge to interfere in the matter to force Xpeng to disclose its autonomous-driving source code to which Xpeng retaliated by saying that Tesla is bullying and trying to disrupt a young competitor.

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Xpeng P7

If we keep the above-mentioned feud aside for a while and focus on the P7 electric sedan, it actually has the capability to rival Tesla’s Model 3. It’s Guangzhou-based carmaker’s second vehicle and boasts of some interesting numbers. It has a maximum range of 706 kilometers (440 miles) per charge and cost 254,900 yuan ($36,000/ ₹27.43 lakh). They will start delivering the vehicles in September. Now if we compare the specs of P7 Sedan with soon to be launched Tesla Model 3’s longer-range version, the latter is going to cost 344,050 yuan and will have a range of 650 kilometers. The specs make it pretty clear now that the P7 sedan has a longer range while costing less too. They are also sticking their neck out and saying that P7’s features too will allow it to challenge Tesla.

Xpeng P7 2

Tesla entered the Chinese market earlier this year and went on to become an instant hit because China is the world’s largest EV market and Tesla has a strong grip over electric vehicle infrastructure. Apart from long-range, P7 also has technology backing it. It is the first production model in any market worldwide powered by NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX Xavier system-on-a-chip, delivering 30 TROPS (trillions of operations per second) performance while consuming only 30 watts of power.

Xpeng P7 1

It also features fast charging which enables it to charge from 30% to 80% in 28 minutes and 120km range in 10 minutes; with China’s first remote-controlled concealed charging plug.

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