The Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept Is Full Of Shine

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The regular Hyundai Creta available in India is quite feature packed. Not just that, all Hyundai cars in their respective segments are, bringing something new to the table everywhere. Not without a reason then that they’re popular in a country which likes its feature packed cars. This particular Hyundai Creta though, is from another economy which they say is pretty similar to ours. The car you see in the pictures is the Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept, which has shown itself at the 2018 Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (4)

Based on the top-spec Creta sold in the South American country, apart from the glossy and fancy looking Deep Dive Blue paint, this particular example also gets a Panoramic sunroof! Inside, there’s a three-tone dashboard, where the shade of Ivory has been used lavishly to make things feel premium. So the steering wheel is finished in that shade, so are the micro-fiber seats and even the gear shifter.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (1)

The Creta Diamond concept also features a 7-inch infotainment system which has been paired with a 750-watt JBL sound system that pumps audio through six amplifiers, six speakers and a subwoofer! At the back, passengers get their own 10-inch screens to kill boredom. Sitting pretty on 19-inch, 245 section rubber, this concept Hyundai is powered by 2.0-litre petrol engine which has been paired with a 6-speed auto box and is good for 156 bhp.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (2)

Although, If you are a Hyundai fan or if you fancy this Creta, you have all the reasons to be jealous of your Brazilian brothers and sisters. Why? Because they may put this into production for Senna’s home country, but nobody knows if it’ll make it here. But a great idea, if you have been thinking of tricking out your existing Creta to make it appear more fancy, and make you feel good when you’re inside.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (1)
Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (4)
Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (3)
Hyundai Creta Diamond Concept (2)


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