Maruti Suzuki WagonR S-CNG Launched, Offers Mileage Of 33.54 km/kg

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A very popular vehicle with the masses, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR was recently facelifted. Featuring a more premium cabin, refreshed appearance and benefitting from a new 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine in addition to the 1.0-litre motor, the car even offers the choice of an AGS gearbox now. To further strengthen their green technology footprint in India, Maruti Suzuki announced the launch of new WagonR S-CNG.

Big new WagonR front

The CNG powered WagonR will be available in Lxi variant of the 1.0 Litre engine, offering best-in-class mileage of 33.54km/kg. The WagonR S-CNG comes with factory fitted CNG, ensuring enhanced safety, performance, convenience and a robust design. The factory fitted WagonR S-CNG vehicle comes with standard warranty benefits and convenience of Maruti Suzuki’s service network spread across India.

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Big new WagonR rear quarter

The kit is governed by Dual ECUs and features an intelligent Gas-Port injection system which ensures better acceleration and drivability. The Factory fitted kit has been reinforced with anti-corrosion stainless steel components to provide absolute safety. There’s an Automatic fuel change over switch and fuel level indicator on offer. The smart packaging of CNG cylinder brings better spare tire accessibility and a lower CNG tank position leads to better vehicle dynamics.

Accessories of new WagonR display cars


Maruti Suzuki CNG vehicle sales contribute to around 15% of the total sales of the CNG range. The company presently offers CNG option in seven of its models (Alto800, AltoK10, WagonR, Celerio, Eeco, SuperCarry and Tour S). The Maruti Suzuki WagonR S-CNG will be available in states with CNG infrastructure including Delhi-NCR, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, parts of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.T he factory fitted WagonR S-CNG will be available at Rs. 4.84 lakh for Lxi and Rs. 4.89Lakh for Lxi (O) variants respectively. Both prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

Big new WagonR front quarter low

On introduction of the WagonR CNG, Mr R.S. Kalsi, Senior Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “At Maruti Suzuki, we continuously strive to offer products that are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. With WagonR S-CNG customers will be able to enjoy the benefit of 26% better fuel economy than the outgoing WagonR CNG and superior technology which is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.”



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