Hyundai TV Commercials Demonstrate Carmaker’s New Blue Link Technology

The Hyundai Venue is all set for a global unveil today. Will become India's first connected car and will feature Hyundai's Blue Link Technology

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Mobility in India is about to witness a transformation where the cellphone will play an important role. Several upcoming vehicles like the Hyundai Venue, the carmaker’s other offerings and the upcoming MG Hector will make use of technology which will add a new dimension to driving and car ownership. Hyundai’s Blue Link tech will make use of an eSIM that will come fitted with the car to enable a host of connected activities.

The BlueLink technology will offer a total of 33 features, many of which have been made specifically for the Indian audience. These features can further be broken down into 7 subcategories – safety, security, remote access, vehicle relationship management, location-based services, alert services and artificial intelligence.

The safety aspect of the Blue Link technology is related to the safety of occupants of the car in case of a mishap. This aspect of the BlueLink system is capable of sending out an SOS, Provide roadside assistance and auto crash notifications and assistance, and sends out a panic notification in case of an emergency.

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To ensure your vehicle remains yours, the technology will let you track the car in case of theft, notify if it has been nicked and also allow remote immobilisation. Then there’s the convenience part where you may remotely lock or unlock the car, start or stop the engine, summon the air conditioner, check the vehicle status, share it with someone else, and locate the car on a map.

External factors can and will change with a change in location, the BlueLink technology will provide you with a number of services that change with your location. For example, send Push Maps to the car from App, send push Maps by a Call Center, Live POI Search, Live Traffic Information, Destination sharing, Live Car Tracking, Destination Set in Link with Schedule and Location Sharing.

In addition to all this, the technology will allow setting a geofence, send an alert if your vehicle is being driven at a high speed, if it has been idling for too long, and there’s a valet alert too. Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short has been the talk of the town in recent times. This self-learning system of the BlueLink has been already trained to pick up on the Indian-English accent and will become more familiar with your voice, the more you use it.

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