How Expensive Is It To Crash On The Nurburgring?

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If you’re a petrolhead, chances are that you would’ve had wet-dreams about driving on a race track — the dangerous, the better. The most obvious name among the most dangerous tracks in the world is the Nurburgring, also called “The Green Hell”. The track is used to benchmark the performance of some of the fastest cars in the world. Check out the list below:


But have you ever wondered how much would it cost if you were to overshoot a corner, and ram right into one of the crash barriers? I’d be honest, I haven’t. But I recently stumbled upon this interesting article which spoke about it and as it turns out, it costs a lot — and we’re not even talking about the vehicle damage here.


These crash costs include Armco repairs, safety car attendance, vehicle recovery, track closure, hospital stays and helicopter fees. Just crashing into one of the Armcos would set you back by €150 (INR 11,277) which is for attendance of Armco truck to assess the damage. Removing a damaged Armco costs €10/metre (INR 752/meter) while a replacement takes €31/metre (INR 2,330/meter).


If the crash is too severe, and an safety attendance car is needed to arrive, you’d have to shell out €82 per (INR 6,165) 30 mins. The moment you lose control, start praying that the circuit does not require to close down because that’s the biggest expense. Every hour that the circuit needs to remain close will cost you €1,350 (INR 101,497).

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Here is a full list of crash expenses:

  • Base fee for attendance of armco truck: €150
  • Removing damaged armco: €10/metre (x2 or x3 or x4 for multiple-height sections)
  • Replacement armco: €31/metre (x2 or x3 for double/triple height)
  • Removing damaged armco posts: €5.10 each
  • Replacing armco post: €39 each
  • Safety car attendance: €82 per 30 mins (car + 2 people)
  • Circuit closure: €1,350 per hour
  • Recovery truck: €500 (inc VAT)

Everything except the recovery truck is then subject to 19% VAT.


So if you’re not too sure about this, we’d recommend you to wait and develop your driving skills, and have some savings stashed into your bank account before setting out on the Green Hell.

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