Freak accident on Mumbai’s Eastern Freeway claims three lives, leaves two injured

A freak accident that occurred on Tuesday morning at 9:30 am claimed three lives while two people were left with minor injuries.

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Eastern Freeway accident (1)

Image courtesy: ANI

When will we Indians learn to obey the traffic rules and when will the government live up to their promise of pot-hole free roads? One might not be able to find a permanent solution to these problems but even as we think about it, a few more lives are lost due to the same reasons. Take the case of the Eastern Freeway mishap yesterday in Mumbai, where three people were killed after a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two oncoming cars coming from the opposite direction.

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On Tuesday morning, a Toyota Innova being driven by Abdul Hamid Sirva on the Eastern Freeway reportedly lost control after trying to dodge a pot-hole at a speed of 140 kmph. The MPV then hit the divider and an electric pole before jumping on to the other side and landing upside down on an oncoming Hyundai Santro Taxi and finally suffering from a head on collision with a Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire after which it came to a standstill. The mishap resulted in the death of both the occupants of the taxi while the occupants of the Dzire were left with minor injuries.

Eastern Freeway accident (2)

Image courtesy: ANI

It is believed that the freak accident occurred barely 100 metres from the spot where the Janhavi Gadkar drunk driving case took place. The occupants of the taxi were later identified as Nandlal Jaiswal, the driver of the taxi and its occupant, Vijay Kelkar. Experts have been called in to analyze the sequence of the events that led to the accident even as a case of drunk driving has been ruled out according to preliminary reports.

Eastern Freeway accident (3)

Image courtesy: ANI

The impact of the mishap was such that the bodies of the deceased could be removed only after fabricators managed to cut through the mangled steel of the vehicles. All the mangled remains were moved to the side by the police and fire brigade officials before the bodies could be removed.

Source: Times Of India

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  • Umesh Mehra says:

    In this case, the contractor of that road should be sent to jail for lifetime, but this is irony of our great country, that the contractor would be the relative of a minister. this issue should be taken very seriously, roads in india is a very big issue which is needs to be resolved on very urgent basis, before we should loss some other lives.

  • Raghavendra says:

    There is no scientific planning or common sense on part of transport dept or ministers . Some dumb fellow will come up with speed humps. Another fellow will tell to ban Innovas and launch only small engine 800 cc SUV. They will increase taxes to make more money only.we are just another banana republic.

  • Jigs says:

    Isn’t there a speed limit ??? If there is, are there infrastructure to detect & punish the offenders ? I feel driving at 140 km/hr was way above the speed limit & not safe at all.

    What about the maintenance of Mumbai’s so called Eastern Freeway??? If the condition of the freeway is deplorable, the agency looking after it along with the driver of Innova is equally responsible for the death of innocent motorist.

    What do u say folks ?

  • Rustom says:

    Is it not great how in India, the blame would be placed on the driver, and in any developed country the government official and the contractors would have to pay thru their nose for the bad infrastructure and the personal loss. I Love My India!!!. There is always some one losing their life thanks to our great infrastructure.

  • SANJAY SHAH says:

    Our roads are not so god for 140 speed.