Ford India Rolls Out Fourth Poem ‘Zindagi’ Under Discover More Social Series

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After tugging your heartstrings with Galiyan, Aasmaan and Raastey, Ford India’s latest creative work as part of its Discover More social series featuring original poems, takes you on a journey of hope & celebrates the indomitable human spirit of learning amidst adversity. The recent phase has been tough for everyone and the latest poem released by Ford sort of soothes the spirit.

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The fourth original poem titled Zindagi stitches together priceless ephemeral moments that touched many during the period of extended lockdown caused by the Covid19 pandemic. From rediscovering family bonds to growing close to nature, the poem conveys how Life – the greatest teacher of them all – left us with great learning and memories to cherish.


जिन लम्हों को थे, कब से यूँ ही भूल गए

उन्हें फिर से बस, यूं ही हमें याद कराती रही

कभी सोच में, तो कभी ख्वाबों में

और कभी उस चाँद, में यूँ ही नज़र आती रही

The poignant poem weaved in verse by Ford’s Director of Communication Kapil Sharma, is a celebration of collective human endeavour in the face of a challenge which shone through with many going further to help others. Featuring Ford Freestyle, the latest creative piece is shot around the lush green Himalayan foothills around Dehradun by Word of Mouth Media, with an equally impactful recitation by well-known poet and artist Vineet Pancchi.

Freestyle Flair Ford

The campaign comprising of five films plans to have a follow-up schedule featuring crowd-sourced original thoughtful verse on self-discoveries from the audience and fans. “Despite being parked for safety, all of us discovered about ourselves, our relations and life in general. With the latest poem Zindagi we want people to celebrate these discoveries,” said Kapil Sharma, Director, Communications, Ford India.

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When it comes to innovative marketing and dishing out cars which feel alive, Ford India has always stood out. The carmaker has now announced a unique campaign for the new Ford Freestyle Flair Edition and it involves an aspect which amplifies the joys of our journeys – Music!

For the compact utility vehicle, Ford India has partnered with JioSaavn for an exclusive Freestyle channel. With a playlist for every kind of mood & drive, the Freestyle channel on JioSaavn will have it all covered.

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