Drunk Driver In Bangalore Shows Us The Importance Of Pedestrian Safety Norms

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Time and again, we hear about how harmful it is to drive under the influence of alcohol. Not only does this substance make you unaware of your surroundings but it also does not leave you in control of the machinery you drive. This is a perfect recipe for disaster, which many a time leads to quite serious consequences. A CCTV manages to capture one such incident where an allegedly drunk driver is seen ramming into people, minding their own business on the footpath. This incident has taken place at the HSR Layout of Bangalore, India, on August 18, have a look. While this could have taken a turn for the worse, fortunately, there were no fatalities in this instance, showing us what wonders can even better pedestrian safety norms can do in the future, protecting people from major injuries or even death.

As you can see, it seems to be a regular working day with people having a walk on the streets. A person can be seen attempting to parking his bike near the footpath and some other men and women are walking around. This is when, out of the blue, this Mahindra Xylo appears in the frame and comes towards the footpath, seeming to be out of control. The car misses the biker on his way to park by inches and hits other parked two-wheelers. After that, the car still has enough speed to mount the footpath and take hit quite a few people before coming to a halt.

Mahindra Xylo drunk driver in Bangalore

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Fortunately, there were no fatalities involved in this incident. The injured were taken to a hospital nearby while the police apprehended the driver. One can see the yellow number plates on the Xylo, suggesting the driver had been consuming alcohol during his job. By doing so not only did he endanger his own life, but it could have ended quite worse for the pedestrians. This is why, safety norms for the future also include pedestrian safety to save innocent bystanders from serious injuries in such events. Moreover, the government too, is working hard to curb the huge menace of drunk driving. The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill of 2019 was recently passed to the Rajya Sabha which would further increase the fines for offences like these, acting as a deterrent for people who are fond of messing with the law.


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