Chinese Replica Of Bugatti Chiron Cannot Go Faster Than 50 kmph

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They’ve filed patents for MV Agusta rip-offs, blatantly copied the iconic Honda Goldwing, and made Land Rover ‘Nervous’ about revealing new concepts and they’re not done, not yet. The latest victim to fall prey to China’s copy-paste syndrome is the US$ 2.5-million, 1,500 hp Bugatti Chiron. The Chinese may never see an original Bugatti Chiron in their country, courtesy the anti-pollution laws, so they probably decided to entertain the buyers with a Low Speed Electric Vehicle.

Bugatti Chiron Sport

It’s called the Shandong Qilu Fengde P8, and the Bugatti Chiron could sneeze with more power than what the P8’s engine could ever make. There are lawn mowers that can maker more power than this LSEV Chiron replica. How much? The electric motor on the P8 makes 3.35 horsepower and has been electronically restricted to 50 kmph. But the manufacturer says that it can do a full 65 kmph unrestricted! Owners would have to charge it for 10 hours on 220V every 150 kms. It has been priced at 31,999 yuan.

Chinese Replica Of Bugatti Chiron (1)

Wait, we’re not done yet. We still have to talk about the interior that’d give the owners some more bragging rights. The original Chiron comes with two seats but given the population in China, they had to add two more seats! Yes, the P8 comes equipped with a bench seat which can transport four people at once. Other interior features include:

  • Digital instrument console
  • A 7 inch touch screen which, by the way, can play MP5 video
  • A ‘sporty’ steering wheel
  • A ‘shiny’ lever
  • A ‘big red’ kill-switch
  • A ‘decent’ boot

Seriously, who’d want to go fast when one can enjoy MP5 quality videos! Here are some more images of the Shandong Qilu Fengde P8:

Chinese Replica Of Bugatti Chiron (7)
Chinese Replica Of Bugatti Chiron (4)
Chinese Replica Of Bugatti Chiron (3)

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