Chinese manufacturer files patents for MV Agusta ripoff, names it the YX300C6C

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MV Agusta Chinese Ripoff - 1

We sometimes wonder if the Chinese have ever created anything original after the Great Wall. Chinese manufacturers are known for brazenly copying products ranging from mobile phones, all the way to luxury cars. The Chinese companies have been creating cheap rip-offs of world-class products and they are back at it again. We are not at all surprised!

After remorselessly copying products such as the Volkswagen Beetle, Lamborghini Aventador, Hummer H1 and the Range Rover Evoque, a Chinese manufacturer has filed for patents for a motorcycle that resembles the legendary Italian two-wheeler, MV Agusta Rivale.

MV Agusta Chinese Ripoff - 2

This MV Agusta Rivale ripoff has been tagged as YX300C6C and is reported to be a 300cc motorcycle. The original Italian model is powered by a 798cc engine that is capable of delivering 125 bhp of power. There is no word about the manufacturer who has filed for these patents but we are sure this product, similar to other rip-offs, would be an ugly mark on the face of this planet.

MV Agusta Chinese Ripoff - Sarcasm

We all know about the build quality of these Chinese products and we all know how they pan out. Share your views about these cheap rip-offs through the comments section below.

Source: VisorDown