Auto Expo 2018 : Kawasaki May Showcase Ninja 400, ZX-10R SE and Ninja H2 SX


Auto Expo 2018 is expected to witness the arrival of new products from Kawasaki. Apart from the new products that were recently launched in India, including the Vulcan 650 S and the Versys X-300, Kawasaki will most likely showcase motorcycles that are yet to reach the Indian market. While we’ll get to see the final list on the day of the 2018 Auto Expo itself, we expect to see products such as the Kawasaki Ninja 400, ZX-10R SE and Ninja H2 SX arrive at the biyearly motoring event.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

It’s no secret that the new Ninja 400 will replace the Ninja 300 in International markets, and in India. Visually, the new 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 draws styling cues from its supercharged litre-class sibling, the Ninja H2. The motorcycle continues with the dual headlight setup although it now features an LED illuminator. The headlight design itself is sharper than the the Ninja 300. At the rear is a ZX-10R inspired LED tail light. Apart from the headlight, the body panels, fairing and the fuel-tank too receive a design upgrade. Ride related information is displayed on a new LCD panel.


The new 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 uses an all-new 399cc parallel-twin, liquid cooled engine which is tuned to deliver 45 hp of power @ 10,000 rpm and 38 Nm of peak torque @ 8,000 rpm. It also features a Assist and Slipper clutch. The engine is claimed to offer better performance throughout the range, with improved low-down torque. The motorcycle gets a larger airbox for increased intake efficiency.

Kawasaki ZX-10R SE

The EICMA motorcycle show witnessed the arrival of the tricked out ZX-10R SE, or Special Edition. There aren’t any mechanical differences between the new ZX-10R and ZX-10R SE. So the power output is rated at 200PS at 13000 revs, which can go up to 210PS with Ram Air. The peak torque of 112Nm is produced at 11,500 rpm. The six speed transmission gets a quickshifter for both up and downshifts.


What’s different? The highlight, however, are the next generation electronics, especially in the suspension department. The ZX-10R SE gets an electronically adjustable suspension and forged wheels. The forged Marchesini wheels and the quickshifter were previously seen on the ZX-10RR.

The Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension or KECS gets Road, Track, and Manual modes. For the manual mode, you can tune the suspension for 15 levels in terms of rebound and compression, right from the instrument console. The new semi-active system uses “Showa Solenoid technology,” which is claimed to have a reaction time of one millisecond. The front forks also come equipped with something known as “built-in stroke sensors.” This would ensure supreme control at all times and would ensure smooth, WSBK-style acceleration.


Other features include Kawasaki’s Intelligent Braking System, Launch Control Mode, traction control, and power modes.

Kawasaki H2 SX

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX made its debut at the EICMA motorcycle show. Introduced as a sports tourer, the Ninja H2 SX is an extremity for the brief. The motorcycle shares its 1000cc supercharged engine with the H2 with a power output of 200hp and torque rated at 137 Nm. The engine and transmission, however, has been modified to make it more suitable for touring.


The H2’s intake and supercharger bits have been altered. The cylinder head is new, so are the pistons, crankshaft, camshafts, and throttle bodies. In fact, the gear ratios have also been changed so as to give the bike a bit more relaxed character and spread the torque over a wider band. The changes have also worked towards increasing the bike’s efficiency and refinement over the H2. Kawasaki calls the new engine the ‘second generation balanced supercharged engine’.


The Ninja H2 SX comes loaded with top drawer Kawasaki tech and electronics. It gets the KTRC traction control, with the KIBS intelligent ABS. You also get cruise control with power modes along with the KLCM launch control and engine brake control features.

Unless Kawasaki decides to surprise us at the motoring event, that’s what we expect to see from the Japanese two-wheeler brand at the upcoming 2018 Auto Expo. Below is the detailed image gallery of the upcoming Kawasaki motorcycles in India.

2018-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX-10R-SE (3)
2018-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX-10R-SE (2)
Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX Sports Tourer (17)
Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX Sports Tourer (14)
New 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 – Still Shots (2)
New 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 – Action Shots (1)

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