American Teen Cleans Streets After Protests, Gets A Ford Mustang Convertible As Reward

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Vandalism and hooliganism took over the streets of America recently, owing to a nationwide outrage after the horrific crime where a cop kneeled on a man’s neck until he choked to death. This incident was captured on phone by an angry bystander who claimed the cop murdered Floyd and it soon went viral on social media. What followed was a series of protests where people came on the streets to express their outrage. Amidst all this chaos, a tale of inspiration has surfaced online.

A tale of good deeds and inspiration

While the crowd indulged in protesting and destroying public property, making a mess on the streets, Antonio Gwynn Jr. a young man from Buffalo, New York, took it upon himself in cleaning the streets. While he was performing this noble deed, he had no idea that destiny had something remarkable reserved for him. The young lad from Buffalo was rewarded with a Ford Mustang Convertible for his noble deed.

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Teen got mustang as a gift

After protesters left his neighbourhood, Antonio got on the streets at around 2 AM and started his cleaning drive. He was on the streets, cleaning the mess left by the protestors for 10 hours! When organized teams reached the spot to do the same, they were surprised because the young man had already wrapped up most of the cleaning. When he saw a destroyed Bailey Avenue in Buffalo on a local news station, the 18-year old got inspired, took a broom and started the clean-up.

But, how did the teen get a Mustang as a gift?

Soon, word got around his locality and when Matt Block saw Gwynn’s story on television, he decided to give Gwynn his 2004 Ford Mustang convertible. Block told reporters that he saw Gwynn asking for car buying advice on Facebook and decided to step in with an amazing offer. The gift turned out to be more significant than Block could ever imagine. It turns out that Gwynn’s mother, who had passed away, also drove a red Mustang Convertible. Not only this, a local businessman decided to extend the auto insurance coverage of the vehicle presented to Antonio by a year as his way of saying thanks to him.

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