2020 Nexon Flaunts Tata Motors’ Connected Car Technology In A New Video

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Tata Motors launched the 2020 Nexon compact-SUV in India earlier this year and the new Nexon came with a host of updates, including cosmetic changes to both it’s exterior and interior, apart from BS6 compliant engines. Along with these updates, the Tata Nexon also came equipped with connected car technology, something which is quickly becoming a standard feature for most new cars.

The connected technology in Nexon is called iRA or Intelligent Real-Time Assist. The 2020 Nexon became the first product to be equipped with this feature and the tech will later make its presence in other products as well. Tata Motors has released a video on their official YouTube channel signifying its functionalities and the necessity of connected car tech in today’s world.

tata nexon ira advanced connected technology

Tata Motors claims to have built and designed this platform specifically for India and it caters to its unique driving conditions. The new technology is claimed to keep the consumers connected, safe and adds to the driving convenience.  iRA connected technology on the BS6 Tata Nexon includes geo-fencing, car locator, a natural voice system compatible, and social media integration via the Tribes app.

Features Of iRA

The iRA contains the revolutionary 3-word global addressing system, ‘what3words’, which ensures the accuracy of 3 meters in your location search & navigation.  This feature also analyses the driving patterns and provides feedback as well.

The connected technology ensures the safety of the passengers by always keeping a track of the car through one’s smartphone using Geofence and Find My Car feature. It instils a sense of security for someone who is not around his/her loved ones and also protects the car from thefts by raising an INTRUSION ALERT on your phone. Also, it provides vehicle-crash notification to the Emergency contacts in the event of an unfortunate collision. It also lets the customer run live vehicle diagnostics before he/she starts a long drive. 

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The ‘Natural Voice’ assist system is a uniquely designed voice system that is compatible with native Hindi, English & Hinglish language conversations and more. For the first time, customers can now interact with Nexon’s infotainment using Hindi conversations for Climate Control, Music, Calls, Vehicle Fuel & Range information. 

It also comes equipped with a first of its kind unique feature app, called Tribes, which will rate the car driver on his/her driving habits and provide a score. It will help create a connected community of Tata car owners, where they will compete and engage with each other to improve their driving scores.

tata nexon ira advanced connected technology2

Additionally, the new Nexon comes with funky technology like ‘Xpress Cooling’ for fast cooling, when the car is parked in the sun. On pressing this button, the Driver window rolls down and the AC temp sets to minimum and blower speed to maximum.

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Going forward, connected technology in cars is going to be very critical for makers to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for consumers. Since a smartphone is an indispensable part of our lives now, it’s only time that everything else we use becomes a part of an ecosystem where the pocket device plays a central character.

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