Top 10 Premium bike reviews by Motoroids in 2014 lists down its top 10 premium bike reviews in the year 2014 along with images and details

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top pemium bikes reviews 2014

In the year 2014 Motoroids reviewed more exotic motorcycles than we ever have in the past years. The motorcycle models we swung a leg around ranged from the utterly promising Benelli BN600i to the fantastically detailed (and expensive) Indian Chief Vintage. While the Benelli promises the ecstasy of an in-line four engine closer than ever to the Indian car buyer, the Indian Chief presents itself as a template for every other heritage motorcycle brand to keep its soul alive while also embracing modern technology. From the Harley Street 750, which brought the hitherto inaccessible brand closer to the mainstream audience to the outrageously aggressively designed Z1000, we rode them all. While we reviewed a lot more premium motorcycles than we have listed here (have a look at all of them by clicking here), these are out top picks. Do let us know which ones you liked the most via comments.

Benelli 600i


Let’s delve into the motorcycle we have at hand, the Benelli BN600i, with the ‘BN’ standing for ‘Benelli Naked.’ Curiously, DSK-Benelli’s correspondence and literature refer to it as just the 600i, but we are going to refer to it by what its stickering says, BN600i. That’s only fair, right?. Read more …

Benelli TNT 899

They say that you don’t remember all aspects of your life in equal detail; you just remember the highlights, good or bad. Seeing that Benelli was the highlight of my biking life and subsequent career as it turned out. I forgot all my dreams about being as astronomer and decided there and then to pursue a career that would enable me to work with motorcycles in one capacity or the other. Read more…

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Indian Chief Vintage

Indian Chief Vintage Review - Action Shots (22)

Before we start boasting about our glorious day with the Indian Chief Vintage, let us first delve into the history of this iconic motorcycle brand. Founded by George Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedström in 1901, Indian Motorcycles is the oldest American brand in existence. Just two years into establishment, Indian’s co-founder and chief engineer Oscar Hedström set the world motorcycle speed record of 56 mph. Another major milestone was achieved in 1911 when Indian riders Oliver Cyril Godfrey, Franklin and Moorehouse got first, second and third position in the Isle of Man competition. Read more.. 

Harley Street 750

Harley davidson Street 750 action (9)

Harley Davidson India had already set the biker community abuzz when the news of a locally produced 750cc engine motorcycle broke. Ever since its foray into the Indian market back in 2009, the Wisconsin based bike maker has made immense progress and has taken a major step in market penetration with the Street 750. Priced at a mouthwatering 4.1L (ex-showroom Delhi) during the Auto Expo 2014, the overall package invited jaw dropping reactions from the audience. Read more… 

Hyosung Aquila GV650

Hyosung Acquila Pro 650 India (68)

The Hyosung GV650 Aquila Pro has been one of the more successful products to come out of the DSK-Hyosung alliance since the DSK Group acquired the exclusive distributorship of Hyosung motorcycles in India. To its credit, the Aquila GV650 managed to sell 145 units within 2 months of its launch last year. We recently took the motorcycle for an exhaustive spin in Pune putting the cruiser to high speed tests on the wide NH4 and tested its cornering prowess on the twisties of Tamhini Ghats. Read more… 

Kawasaki Ninja 1000

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review (3)

From dreary single cylinders to high revving parallel twins, from exotic Italian L-Twins to torquey V-twin rumblers, we’ve experienced it all. But there is nothing that attacks your senses as an inline four between your legs! It doesn’t matter if it’s humming away at a stoplight or taking the fight to the wind over 200 kilometres an hour. The sensuous symphony blaring out of those pipes stimulates the rider’s brain like no other. Read more… 

Harley Fatboy

Harley Davidson Fatboy Review (27)

After the delightful Iron 883 experience, it was time for us to sample a more exotic exponent of the American motorcycle maker’s dexterity. So we decided to put one of the most iconic offerings from Harley’s international lineup under the Motoroids review net. Displacing a massive 1690cc from its 45 degree v-twin and draped in envy-inducing yellow attire, we swung a leg to get aboard the iconic Harley Davidson Fatboy FLSTF. Read more… 

Triumph Thruxton

2014 Triumph Thruxton in action (9)

They say history repeats itself. We think it does. Back in the 60’s, in the world of Rock n Roll, among peace rallies and rise of the rebellion, a new form of motorcycling took form. It was called café racing. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Good Morning; hope you slept well for the last 60 years. We aren’t sure if the culture of café racing is coming back with increased policing and track days replacing street racing but café racers sure are making a comeback. Thank God for that. Read more… 

Harley Heritage Softail Classic

Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Review (10)

This happens to be the third set of wheels from the Milwaukee manufacturer under the Motoroids review net. Having reviewed the street-cred Harley Davidson Iron 883 and the iconic Harley Davidson Fatboy earlier, this time we bring you the proverbial “palace on two wheels”- something that’ll make most other motorcycles look like wooden planks in terms of luxury. A fusion of nostalgic dresser styling mated to a modern Twin Cam 103 Engine displacing a colossal 1690 cubic centimeters. Gentlemen, say hello the Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. Read more… 

Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Z1000 scenery

A devil once, a devil forever- a befitting tagline for the Kawasaki Z1000! Originally conceived as the Z1, the Kawasaki Z series was stacked against Honda’s popular CB750 and aimed at providing a fast and technologically advanced motorcycle to the masses that met with great success. The Z1 moniker was treated to timely upgrades and it was not until 1977 when the first Z1000 was born. It rose to instant fame, becoming the first Japanese motorcycle to win the AMA Superbike Championship. Read more… 

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