Top 10 premium car reviews by Motoroids in 2014

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 Top premium car reviews 2014

Year 2014 allowed us to get behind the wheels of some exceptional cars – cars that would be etched in our memories forever for various reasons. From the pint sized Fiat 500, which despite its diminutive appearance, can be an absolute riot on a windy road, to the very definition of a modern day supercar – the hybrid BMW i8. We also drove some cars which, though freshly introduced, have already made a place for themselves in the history of automobiles. The most notable of these was the F-Type, which, with its timeless beauty, a divine soundtrack and an immersive, involving character had us completely smitten. The Mercedes S500, on the other hand takes the game in the luxury car segment to hitherto unscaled heights with its delightful choice of materials inside the cabin, unmatched comfort and cutting edge technology.

So here they are, our top picks from the premium cars we drove in the year 2014. There are plenty more premium car reviews for you to read, though, apart from the list provided below. Check out our reviews section to read about each one of them.

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type V8 S Convertible (47)

The F-Type doesn’t as much grab attention on the road as it changes the dynamics of the traffic around you. It’s a dodgy, dodgy car to drive on the oomph deprived, pothole ridden Indian tar commuted upon by some very invidious mortals at times. Read more … 

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte review modena (29)

Now make no mistake, even with all those flouncing Italian Stallions underneath, and boasting credentials for being the most desirable super saloon on the planet, the Quattroporte is a proper luxury limo. Once behind the steering wheel, the bonnet seems to be ending at the horizon, the width of the car is enough to deter you from taking to narrow lanes and the less you talk about its girth behind your back, the better. Read more…

BMW i8

Bmw i8 (6)

I was really excited on the road to Milan, Italy as one of the journalists who were invited to drive the brand new BMW i8. This was the car I wanted to test more than any other in 2014. Why? Because the i8 is unlike any other sports car on the planet today. BMW promotes it as the “most progressive sports car”, which is an understatement: the BMW i8is the sports car of the future! Read more…

BMW M3 / M4 track review

BMW M3 (2)

The new F80 series BMW M3 and M4 share the same, engine-downsizing sentiment with their gushy, turbo-charged, inline six cylinders of M TwinPower engine, waving those eight cylinders in vee from the last-generation M3 goodbye. So when the new M3 and M4 were revving their nuts off and flying by at the Buddh International Circuit on a wintry morning, we felt a tinge of remorse at the noise, which marked the end of an era as far as old school fast cars go. But we’re here to drive them, and that’s what we did. Read more…

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Mercedes GLA

Mercedes GLA India off-road (12)

The GLA Class, much like its smaller hatchback sibling, the A-Class invoked extremely positive reactions upon its concept debut early in 2013. With its aggressive stance, a sporty, dropping roofline, squat, ready for action deportment and a tastefully designed rear, the GLA left the compact crossover fans across the world salivating. Read more … 

Mercedes S500

New 2014 Mercedes S Class S500 exterior (18)

Does the new S Class deserve the title of ‘the Best car in the World’ in a setting where almost every major car maker is equipped with cutting edge tech and refined manufacturing techniques? We figure out in this exhaustive Mercedes S Class S500 review. Read more…

Fiat 500 Abarth

Fiat 500 abarth review (15)

It`s been ages that we remember of the Fiat 500 when it was launched in 2008. At a seemingly stratospheric price tag exceeding 15L, it wasn’t meant to sell in large volumes!  Regardless of the cute design, heritage and its desirability factor it just did not appeal to the value for money conscious Indian masses. The all new rejuvenated Fiat is giving us another dose of the little Miss Italy albeit in a more potent guise – in Abarth Esseesse flavor. Read more… 


BMW X5 xDrive 30d India details (29)

The car/crossover/SUV you see in the pictures is BMW`s X5, now in its 3rd Generation. Originally conceptualized as the E53, then E70 and now F15 which is its present nomenclature retains it beefy looks and imposing street presence, rather takes it a few notches further. We took this Bavarian behemoth for a spin and come back bewildered, it gotten more powerful, efficient, big and light all at the same time. Oh, and it looks stunning too! Rarely do movie sequel surpass the previous iterations, the X5 makes one beg to differ. Read more…

Audi A3

Audi A3 sedan India white (9)

Sharp and sexy to look at, opulent on the inside and great to drive – the A3 has all what it takes to make the top honchos at the other two premium German brands lose their sleep. Let’s delve deeper into what makes us so appreciative of this promising new compact sedan, which also happens to be the World Car of the Year 2014. Read more… 


BMW Z4 (20)

The BMW Z4 is one of the most modern interpretations of the traditionally iconic roadster body type for automobiles. Having made its debut in the year 2002, the Z4 replaced the Z3 model. It’s been more than a decade since the Z4 first made its appearance, and the car that we here in these pictures is the mid-life facelift of the second gen avatar of the model. Read more… 

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