Footage Captures Why It Is Important To Inspect Your Car Before Getting In

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Before every flight, you must’ve noticed that one of the pilots takes a walk around the aeroplane. He touches panels, checks the turbine blades, tyres and every else visually. This is mandatory and it’s not a choice. Cars aren’t too different either, except the fact that they don’t fly, yet. However, this footage of a bunch of friends driving in the Himalayas will tell you just why it is important to check your car before you get in to crank the engine.

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SUV wheel coming off while driving

So it happened that on the previous day, the wheel was taken out, probably to fix a flat, but wasn’t put back in its place as it should’ve been. Maybe enough torque wasn’t applied while tightening the nuts and we aren’t sure what happened. In the morning, while the car was being driven, suddenly, the occupants experience a wobble and movement, before they see one of the wheels coming off and leaving the vehicle behind to go take a dip in the river.

The location where it happened, thankfully, had no population and nobody was hurt for being in the way of the wheel. The speed at which the car was being driven at wasn’t much either, which made it easier to bring that piece of metal to a halt. However, if this would’ve happened in the city, for the velocity and the heft, some souls would’ve been hurt. Also, the incident should help you to understand how important it is to pay attention to your car’s behaviour. It is vital to get out and check on things the moment you feel something isn’t right. Be it a wobble, odd vibrations or even a steering wheel that feels weird.

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Before you get inside the car and begin driving, make it a rule to check all wheels, air pressure and visually inspect all the four corners. Ensure to keep volume levels low inside the cabin as it could drown out other noises which could spell Trouble. Check on the health of the spare tyre frequently and ensure it is in a healthy state before you begin driving for a long distance and start counting on it.



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