CCTV Footage Captures Hyundai Test Drive Gone Horribly Wrong

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We don’t know whether they were playing the track “I want to break free” at the dealership or inside the Hyundai car to impress the potential buyer. However, in a strange turn of events, a potential customer at a Hyundai dealership arrived very calmly and made an exit like a hurricane. It happened when the person was checking out an i20 inside the dealership and decided to get a feel of the driver’s seat.

Once there, she started making adjustments to the seat, maybe to check if it suits her driving position. They somehow even allowed her to fire the engine indoors. We aren’t sure whether the person in the driver’s seat even knew how to drive, but if you take a look at what happened, you’ll doubt, like us. For some reason, the woman sets the car in motion even when she knows there’s no way to go. But she probably knew about this portal to the other side and it went through the dealership’s glass facade.

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Hyundai Dealership test drive crash

Maybe she mistook the gas pedal for the brakes. Maybe her shoes got stuck. Maybe her foot was jammed. We don’t know what happened there. But at least she was trying to steer away from we don’t know what. After breaking the glass barrier in true movie style, the car continues with its forward march and rams into other examples parked outside. We don’t wish to imagine what would’ve happened if there was a busy road right outside the dealership. We hope this gives the staff at that dealership a good lesson in health and safety and perhaps they’ll shift their experience zone outside the display area. If not that, at least they’ll keep the handbrake or the starter motor pulled.

In other news, Hyundai is testing a compact SUV which will be up against the Nexon and the Brezza among others and should be launched sometime later this year. It looks like a slightly scaled-down version of the Creta and when it arrives, should come packed with segment-first features and plenty of drivetrain options. We’ll keep you updated with more about the car and everything latest from Hyundai. Stay tuned!