Suzuki Slingshot 125 Road Test Review


Suzuki India launched the Slingshot 125cc power commuter a few months back to try their hand yet again at gaining some share of the great Indian commuter motorcycle segment pie. Launched between Rs. 51,000 to 53,000, the Suzuki Slingshot has created quite a buzz. But its been two months since the Slingshot came into the market and we don’t seem to spot many of them on the road yet. Is it because its another great Suzuki machine thats failing because of lack luster marketing or is it genuinely an under-performer? With these questions boggling our mind, we went ahead and procured a test bike to see for ourselves, what Suzuki had in store this time around. Read on to know more…

Table of Contents:

– Prologue

– Design

Engine, Ride and Handling

– Conclusion

– Image Gallery



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