VDOs: 2011 Honda Crossrunner X 800 Adventure

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After a few teasers and a lot of hype, Honda unveiled the Crossrunner X 800cc adventure bike at the 2010 EICMA. Powered by a V4 VTEC powerplant, the Crossrunner X promises a lot of fun on the tarmac for riders looking for some adventure touring. With all the EICMA proceedings over, Honda has now released two videos of the Crossrunner X. The first one is a promotional video that could later become a commercial for the Crossrunner. The other is an interview with Honda’s in-house designer, Teofilo Plaza, highlighting the virtues of the Crossrunner. Catch the videos on the next page and subscribe to the Motoroids YouTube Channel for video updates!

Videos of the 2011 Honda Crossrunner X:

Promo video:

Video interview with Teofilo Plaza:

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