Yezdi Motorcycles Debuts On Twitter

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After making brand Jawa return to the stage and in dealerships, Classic Legends seems to be working on resuscitating another legend – Yezdi Motorcycles. The legendary motorcycling brand has made its twitter debut, although, no formal announcement of a motorcycle launch has been made, yet. As of now, it is Yezdi merchandise which will be available through select Jawa Motorcycles outlets.

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During the launch of brand Jawa last year, Anupam Thareja, Founder, Classic Legends, had replied in positive upon being asked if like Jawa, Yezdi motorcycles will make a comeback too. For the uninitiated, Classic Legends owns the rights to build and market BSA, Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles in the current times. Among these, BSA motorcycles could most probably be made for international markets as the brand recall is much higher, compared to India.

Whenever the modern-day Yezdi motorcycles make their debut, our guess is that they will be powered by the same 293cc engine which propels the Jawa twins. About the latter, the Jawa Perak Bobber which was first displayed during the brand’s launch is also said to make its debut later this year. It is powered by the same engine as the Jawa and the 42, although one which has a bigger bore and as a result, cranks out 30 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. Higher-spec Yezdi motorcycles, if introduced, could be powered by this tune of the engine. In terms of hardware, expect the modern-day Yezdis to borrow the suspension bits, brakes and chassis from the Jawas, while in terms of styling, they will draw inspiration in some form from the older bikes.

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Back in the day, Yezdi Motorcycles had spawned out of Jawas and were available in multiple variants, more famous among those being the Roadking, the Classic with a knee pad on its tank and the CLII. The Roadking was powered by a 250cc, parallel-twin, two-stroke engine which cranked out enough horses to make the bike hit a top speed of 120 km/h. The market leader when it comes to modern-day, yesteryear motorcycles, Royal Enfield has been busy overhauling its Classic range to make it comply with the upcoming BS-VI norms. The bikes will also be styled slightly differently and we’ll bring you more updates on that as and when they arrive. Stay tuned!

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