After Jawa, Brand Yezdi To Make a Comeback!


While many of us are still recovering from the nostalgia of seeing the Jawa brand back on the road, Classic Legends might hit us again with a modern day Yezdi brand. To give you a small history lesson, Yezdi was a brainchild of Mysore-based Ideal Jawa founded by Farrokh Irani. The Yezdi bike shared underpinning with the Jawa motorcycle company but offered a different mechanical and architectural design. Now that we have a modern day Jawa motorcycle, it will only make sense to have a modern day Yezdi. Imagine a bike based on the Jawa but with much more engineering than ever and much more feels on offer.

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In an interview with Autocar India, Anupam Thareja, Founder, Classic Legends, confirmed that the company is looking forward to resurrect the brands of the past. He said that they are now focussing on the BSA Motorcycle brand which will mainly be exported to foreign markets. This leads us to believe that at some point in the future, we will see the comeback of Yezdi. The company is playing on the nostalgic value of these brands and does see a potential in reviving these gone but not forgotten bike companies. They will be responsible to bring these bikes to a generation of riders who perhaps did not even know about the existence of these brands.

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That said, Classic Legends cannot get away by merely rebadging their Jawa’s and selling them as Yezdi’s. The new Yezdi Company will require a whole new engineering team that will have to work from ground up to create a new bike from a platform that is used by the new Jawa bikes. So it is safe to assume that this is going to be a long wait, a wait which could be worth it for all those enthusiasts who have been waiting since the 90’s. What are your thoughts on the comeback of the Yezdi brand? Let us know in the comments. In the mean time, do watch our walkaround video of the new Jawa bikes linked below.


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