What To Expect From The BS-VI Honda Activa?


The Honda Activa is undoubtedly the most popular scooter in the Indian market. Over the years, it has gained such popularity that people call every other scooter an Activa, irrespective of its make and model. Currently, in the fifth generation of production, the Activa will need a BS-VI compliant engine in order to be sold post-April 2020. To meet the norms, the existing engine will all probability gain fuel injection and the new Activa could also be based upon a new frame. Goes without saying that it will offer many more features, which would enhance its popularity even further. However, like most other vehicles out there, the BS-VI Activa will ask for a little more than it does right now.

Honda Activa 5G 011

Test mules of the scooter have already been spotted with telescopic front forks, which will be a big upgrade in terms of suspension for the scooter. Styling too will be revised and expect the design to be more of an evolution of the current Activa. Despite witnessing a drop in sales in the month of March 2019, the Activa continues to be the best selling scooter in India which sold 59,295 units. A 29% drop in sales made Honda step down to the 3rd place in the overall sales report for March 2019, however, the Activa was Honda’s only scooter which made it to the top 10 best-selling list of scooters this year. Expect the sixth generation model of the scooter to be no different. In its current form, the Activa 5G employs a 110 cc single cylinder petrol engine, which produces 8 HP at 7500 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. This scooter also is offered with a combi brake system, which adds to the safety quotient. The Activa was one of the first scooters in the Indian market to offer this safety feature.

Honda Activa 5G Pearl Spartan Red

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In other news, Honda 2-wheelers recent launch, the CB300R has been sold out for the year of 2019. Weighing 143 kilos (wet), the Honda CB300R is powered by a 286cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine which cranks out 30.9 bhp @ 8,500rpm, with peak torque of 27.5Nm, delivered @ 7,500rpm. This makes the bike achieve a really nice power to weight ratio, making the CB300R, a fun-to-ride motorcycle. With a 10-litre tank and fuel efficiency of around 30 km/l, the Honda can attain a decent range of 300 km with a full tank of fuel. Keep looking at this space for more news on the Activa 6G.

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