VIDEO: Watch The Tata Nexon Take Some Big Blows To Score Its Five Stars

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The first Indian-made car to have scored a full five-star rating during a global NCAP test, the Tata Nexon has become the benchmark in safety for other Indian cars to follow. The compact SUV been awarded with a full 5-star adult safety rating by Global NCAP after an evaluation of it’s structural integrity, overall safety, and tests for both front and side impact.


This is also the highest adult occupant safety score of (16.06/17.00) among all the models tested across the Indian market. For Child occupant safety, the Nexon achieved a 3-star rating, which makes the car the first and only vehicle in India to receive this rating. In this video, the compact SUV is made to go through a front impact test first, which was conducted at a speed of 64 kph. Close observation reveals that the front crumple zone design worked effectively to absorb the maximum energy, without transferring too much of it towards the cabin. The airbags too, worked as an effective cushion for the co-passenger and driver’s upper body, while the seat-belts did a great job at restraining forward movement.

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What must also be noted is that the headrests play a big part in minimising head injury when the front passengers’ heads rock back post the impact. Along with a front impact test, the Nexon also went through a side impact evaluation, where the car did well even in the absence of curtain airbags. Along with the Nexon, the new Mahindra Marazzo too came back with a 4 star rating and this just goes on to show that car makers are making big safety improvements even on value-for-money products. If our inboxes are proof, the average car buyer is aware about safety more than he/she has ever been. How safe or otherwise is a car, is a serious deal for new car buyers these days and that’s a great start for a nation which is notorious for the most amount of road incident related deaths.

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