VIDEO: Traffic Cop Taking Bribe Caught On Camera; Offers INR 500 To Vlogger To Not Report


Lakshay Anand, a young YouTuber Vlogger who is currently riding from Kashmir To Kanyakumari, recently caught a Traffic cop accepting bribe from a motorcyclist on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Anand, who was riding to Goa from Mumbai, accidentally continued on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway which is reserved for cars and trucks. The mistake, as told by Anand in his video log, happened due to Google Maps.

Traffic Cop Taking Bribe – Caught On Camera(1)

Anand, and his fellow rider, were stopped at the toll-post by Traffic cops and were asked to pay a fine for breaking the law. After trying to convince the traffic cops that they didn’t intentionally ply the Expressway, Anand agreed to pay the challan. Meanwhile, another motorcyclist was stopped by the cops at the toll-post for riding on the Expressway (and without a helmet). The motorcyclist allegedly passed a INR 100 along with his license to the traffic cop as a bribe to let him pass. The entire incident was caught on the helmet mounted camera.

Traffic Cop Taking Bribe – Caught On Camera(4)

After paying the challan, the Anand told the cops that he has caught the on-duty officer accepting the bribe on camera and that he’ll share the video further. After much argument, the traffic cop who accepted the bribe pleaded Anand to delete the video. The culprit cop also offered INR 500 to Anand to delete the video.

Check out the incident in the video below:

In case you’re wondering, Lakshay Anand is the same young rider who rode to KhardungLa Pass on his TVS Jupiter 110cc scooter and toured Nepal and Bhutan on a Aprilia SR150. As aforementioned, he’s currently riding from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on his scooter.

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