VIDEO: This Tesla Goes Behind Enemy Lines

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Almost everybody in the world knows Tesla as an all-electric car manufacturer. Making their debut in the car market with the Tesla Roadster, cars like the Model S and Model X followed very soon after. These cars do not have any fuel tank but just a small socket in which the charger cable can be plugged in. Turns out, not everybody knows this as we see this video of a lady trying to add fuel to a Tesla Model S at a petrol pump. The video was recorded by two men who were in a car behind and could not stop laughing at the string of events that were taking place.

Woman takes Tesla to petrol pump standing

It seems that the lady might have borrowed the Tesla from somebody she knows. Probably to return the favour, she might have thought to top up the fuel tank before returning the vehicle back. Little did she knew that she was driving a car which required no fuel. In the video, we see the lady struggling for about 3 minutes, trying to figure out where the fuel cap is. It was when somebody walked up to her and informed her about what car she was driving, she quit trying. She even had a good laugh on it and moved ahead to allow people with their ‘old’ cars to fill up.

Woman takes Tesla to petrol pump fuel nozzle

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The fact that the lady did not realise that she was driving an all-electric car and casually went ahead to fill up fuel is a testament to the fact as how far electric mobility has come. For the uninitiated, they barely are any different. This leaves no doubt in one’s mind that the future is definitely about all-electric cars and if things go like this, we might not be missing our conventional petrol or diesel cars at all. Below is the video that is being talked about, seen on the Horriblevideos4you channel on YouTube.

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