Watch One of Three Model X in India in Celebration Mode


Mumbai has a lot of imported exotic cars hidden in basements and private garages. Many a time they can be seen out roaming around on the streets zooming past hundreds of smiling faces. One such unique car hidden in Mumbai is the Tesla Model X. One of the three present in Mumbai, the Model X, was seen at the Autorounders Garage in Andheri. The guys at Autorounders posted a picture on Instagram inviting enthusiasts to come have a look at the car.

The Model X was is not officially available in India but that did not stop a few enthusiasts from importing them privately. We even had a look at the first Model X in India some time back. The electric car gets an all wheel drive as standard and can accommodate up to 7 adults. The car comes with a bunch of features which can be read over here. The car also gets a bunch of easter eggs which makes the SUV a little quirky, one of which, is the celebration mode. Activating the said celebration mode is a bit of a lengthy process. The first step is to long press the Tesla logo on the huge tablet like screen in the centre console of the car. After the long press, the car asks for an access code, typing in ‘modelXmas’ as the access code gets the car ready to celebrate. Once ready, you step out of the car and press the lock button on the key fob to start the celebration.Have a look.

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The car dances along to a nice holiday theme rhythm flashing its lights, opening closing its doors and those falcon wing doors sure do look fascinating. The celebration mode sure is a nice way to show off your Model X to the sports car owner you left behind after the signal went green. The Model X 100 D being electric, gets instantaneous torque and can do zero to a hundred kilometres in less than 4.7 seconds. Now those numbers bring the Model X in sports car territory in terms of acceleration. The 100 KwH battery pack of the 100 D offers about 470 kilometres of range on a single charge. The Tesla definitely is a glimpse into the future of the automobile and if the future is going to be likes this, please tell us where to sign up! Here are some images of the Model X from our reader, Akash Gada.

Tesla model X dash
Tesla model X fender logo two
Tesla model X front in booth

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