VIDEO: Stock TVS Apache RR310 Exhaust Has Been Replaced By A Dual, Under-Seat Unit

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After visiting a digital chop shop, the new TVS Apache RR310 has received a real life upgrade. Someone has already replaced the stock exhaust of the Apache RR310 with a pair of under-seat mufflers and it looks pretty solid (and Italian).

The mod-job took place in Chandigarh based Verma Automotives’ garage. The dual, under-seat mufflers have “Akrapovic” inscribed over it although we’re not sure if it’s an original unit. Mechanical specifications are limited too and thus we’re not sure if the aftermarket exhaust system has affected the performance or weight of the motorcycle.

Modified TVS Apache RR310 (1)

That being said, the motorcycle is a definite attention grabber. Here’s what India’s first modified TVS Apache RR310 looks like (via MotoMahal).

What do you have to say about the under-seat mufflers on the new TVS Apache RR310? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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