Freshly Launched TVS Apache RR 310 Visits A Digital Chop Shop


The TVS Apache RR 310 is the sportiest and perhaps the best looking motorcycle manufactured by an Indian bike maker without a doubt. However, the outreach of technology is such these days, if you wish to change what something looks like, all you need is a few clicks and a little imagination to transform something virtually. But to modify something that already exists, it is essential that the base you work on lends itself to accommodate your ideas easily.


The person behind this virtual change has replaced the stock Michelin rubber on the RR 310 with really fat racing slicks. Not happy with the existing 5-spoke design, he’s wrapped that sticky but bald rubber on these expensive and gorgeous looking Marchesini wheels. And since beauty must not hide, the Apache RR 310’s die-cast swingarm has been replaced by a single-sided unit. The tail has been tidied, the rear seat looks like it’s missing, and the fat and rounded end can on the real bike has been replaced by a stubby little unit which peeks out near the pegs. A high-end Brembo braking system has been added up front and if you are still wondering where the inspiration has come from, the white patch on the fairing must give it away.


We like how the virtual artist hasn’t messed about with the tricolour on the windscreen though. Also, it’s not that the bike looks like something else now because the original is a pretty looking motorcycle on its own. Looking at all these virtual modifications, it isn’t impossible to imagine a day in the future when manufacturers will stop making bikes. All they’d do is sell you their 3-D printing files for a licence fee. That way, you could just walk in with a zip drive and ride out of the printing shop on your own bike.

Image Source: Lifeon2wheels

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