VIDEO: Meet India’s First Bagged Maruti Suzuki Swift

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Remember the slammed down Suzuki Swift Sport render? Well, someone from Kerala decided to make something similar one for himself and it looks like a car that has come straight out from a Electronic Arts’ racing game. Meet India’s 1st Bagged Swift. Bagged, which refers to air-bagged suspension lets the driver control the ride height of the vehicle. The setup has been sourced from VIAir suspension.

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Apart from the air-bagged suspension, the hatchback also gets a Nks Widebody kit with a muscular and aggressively styled bumpers and side skirts. The stock hood has also been replaced by a custom unit. The hatchback rides on 18″ Emotion Wheels and features Webasto sunroof, butterfly doors and a full, aftermarket audio system. The interiors get a overhaul too.

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We’re not sure if the vehicle has received any performance upgrade as the video description by YouTube channel GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY does not mention any changes to the mechanical specifications.

Check out India’s first bagged Suzuki Swift in the video below (via GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY, YouTube)

We hope that the modification was approved by Kerala RTO as authorities are cracking down on illegal customisation of vehicles in the state and it’d be a shame to see someone’s hard earned money and time go down the drain.

What do you think of the customised hatchback? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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First Bagged Swift In India (4)
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  • SanjaySA says:

    Godfather, A very handsome swift..I stare @ this swift like a supercar thats a lambo or other. Great work..the bagged swift.