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Alright, so we do admit we didn’t begin in time. While we kicked up a raging storm on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus, where we led Indian auto publishers by a mile, we somehow didn’t look at videos so keenly at the outset. Despite spending zero money on promoting our social pages, your love and adulation established us as a force to be reckoned with on the SocialVerse and the Web, without any of the big VC dollars, huge marketing spends or SEO/SEM professionals’ armies that the big names in this space ride on. We always knew our readers had our backs, and that got us a big following and even bigger accolades along the way. For example, Motoroids was adjudged one of the biggest influencers WORLDWIDE on Facebook by MediaMetric, a leading New York based analytics firm evaluating reputation of media outlets across traditional and social media. Motoroids was ranked the Fourth most influential Facebook Page worldwide pertaining to the auto beat. It’s notable that we were rated higher than global biggies like Top Gear International (yes, that’s not a typo), Jalopnik, Autoblog and Carscoops. Here’s a screenshot of the analytics graphic by media metric

MediaMetric Motoroids

For some inexplicable reasons, though, we didn’t look too keenly towards YouTube. It was barely a couple of months ago that we decided that we wanted to be on the platform. We didn’t have very deep pockets, so going big on production wasn’t going to be our forte. However, objective auto-related stories which were honest, detailed and answered the real questions that everyone was asking, was something we decided to focus on. So with a simple plan, and truckloads of trust in our followers, we started making videos for YouTube on a more regular basis. And thanks to your support, we saw some incredible growth in a very short span of time. In a matter of about two months, Motoroids subscribers on YouTube have grown from a paltry 2000 to a very healthy 30,000+. More importantly, the rate of that growth has skyrocketed, with over 15,000 of those subscriptions having come in in the past 15 days.  Our gritty coverage of the Auto Expo 2018, where we decided to be faster and more comprehensive than everyone else despite the very limited resource we had, played a crucial role in winning your love on this visually driven platform.

While we’re new to the video world, we guess that sort of rapid growth isn’t something to be witnessed very often. YouTube acknowledged our effort, and has adjudged Motoroids as a YouTube ‘Creator on the Rise’ for its Trending section in India. It’s really heartening for us, for auto as a beat hardly ever gets its place within the trending section where memes about a wink, shenanigans of cricketers / politicians / movie stars or quick ways to become really rich with the smart use of a clove usually take center stage. Being a genuine, objective and information driven YouTube outlet about autos, and yet being featured as a trending channel, is truly humbling. Here’s a selection of a few Tweets and a screen grab of the official email from YouTube India recognizing our effort.



Motoroids youtube Creator on the Rise

It’s exciting and inspiring at the same time to be acknowledged. And we take this recognition in our stride with utmost humility. We resolve to try and be better at the job at hand. We are feeling somewhat comfortable in this space now, and expect us to come up with a unique new take on everything automotive in the times to come. And we are sure you, our readers and viewers will have our back, as always. We’d be nowhere without your love and support. So here’s a BIG Thank You from Team Motoroids to all its followers, and heartfelt gratitude to the folks at YouTube India to have recognized our sincere efforts. We promise that this is just the beginning, and we’ll try and keep getting better as we grow.

To our followers, this is another opportunity for us to let them know that we’re getting really keen on YouTube, and to expect more and more good stuff from us on the visual medium. So do subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t already to get all those updates first. Keep revving hard, keep revving free and keep loving us as you always have!

And since YouTube is the flavor of the day, here’s our latest video on the platform – it’s about the red hot TVS NTorq 125 scooter. Hope you like it!


Motoroids Youtube Creator on the Rise
Motoroids Youtube Creator on the Rise Amit Chhangani
Motoroids on Youtube India Trending Page
Motoroids youtube Creator on the Rise

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