VIDEO: Guy who fed his TVS Apache with some Vodka now replaces its key with salt water


Remember the guy who apparently emptied an entire bottle of premium Russian Vodka in the wrong tank? He’s back with a ceiling fan that’s been fitted with a disco light, some salt water and his TVS Apache RTR 160. He calls this method an emergency survival technique and we don’t know if it works or if any other trick is at play. We’ll leave that for our smart readers to figure out. This could also be another way of treating the motorcycle’s hangover. But we really don’t know.


So it starts with some toony music being played in the background and what looks like some salt, and some water. After making a solution of NaCl+H2O, the man transfers some of it to a squeezie and gets to work. He goes through the drill of demonstrating the genuine-ty of the act, takes the key off, and starts to squeeze the solution in the key hole. For some reason, he keeps dropping the liquid at a fixed place while he presses the shutter down with the nozzle and voila! The digital display comes on with a thumbs up.

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