VIDEO: Somebody tried getting a TVS Apache high on Russian Vodka

Somebody tried replacing the petrol in a TVS Apache's tank with some premium vodka from Russia. Find out what happens next.


Consumption of funny liquids can make an introvert human open up. But what if someone replaces a motorcycle’s diet for petrol with some Russian Vodka? Will it make the motorcycle act funny? Will it make the thing go faster? Well if you never try, you never know. So the person emptied the gas tank of a TVS Apache and refilled it with a bottle full of Putinka.


The video starts with a warning you must pay heed to, for the man speaks the truth about highly flammable substances and any resultant third-degree burns. He then goes on to show that the tank is genuinely empty, with its ‘No Fuel’ lamp glowing. In an attempt to show what is being pulled off is genuine, he pans the camera to all the places which sort of confirm that there is no other trick at play. With the contents emptied, the fuel gauge starts to show one bar and the low fuel lamp goes off. To know what happens when he thumbs the starter, watch the video to figure it out yourself.

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