Video: Fog / Smog Makes Cars Crash, Crazy Pile Up on Yamuna Expressway, Many Dead in Separate Incidents


Delhi’s roads seem to have taken being termed a ‘gas chamber’ by politicians to heart. The crazy amount of smog on the roads is turning fatal, and has claimed many lives over the past couple of days. In a recent video that has emerged on social networks, one can see a humongous pileup of cars on the Yamuna Expressway owing to a total lack of visibility. The video also shows cars ramming into the already crashed cars from behind as the dense fog makes the crashed cars rather invisible to the drivers of incoming vehicles.

The video shows people on the side of the road, some of them survivors of the scary incident shouting, waving and warning the drivers and other occupants inside the crashed cars to come out and move to the side as quickly as possible, lest they get hit by vehicles coming from behind. In the meantime, cars keep coming in, crashing viciously into the pileup.

While the incident is tragic, one wonders what makes the drivers of the cars emerging from the fog to drive at such uncontrollable speeds when the visibility is so poor. This also reflects on the pitiable training most Indian drivers undergo and the utterly lax procedure to obtain a driving license in the country. It’s unfortunate but the drivers don’t understand even the most basic aspects of road safety.

In other incidents, more than 13 people, including a group of 9 students who got mowed down by a truck owing to foggy conditions and rash driving have been reported. Three other people were killed near Aligarh owing to similar reasons. While we have some images of the other accidents as well, they comprise of dead bodies, and are too graphic to be shared here.

At Motoroids, we request our readers with folded hands to ensure that they drive with utmost caution in low visibility conditions. Winter is here, and most roads in North India are going to be smeared in a dense cloud of fog. If the road ahead is not visible, take the first exit to safety, or if you can’t find any lay-byes or exits, move to the extreme edge, into preferably a rough shoulder, park the car with the hazard lights on and get off the vehicle. Wait until the visibility improves. Even if you drive with caution, there are chances that some nincompoop may ram his car into yours from behind. Practice caution and help spread awareness so that such unfortunate incidents could be minimized. Sharing this post to people you care about could be your contribution in the cause.

Here’s the Video – Drive Safe!

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