VIDEO: Differences Between Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 Explained

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The Royal Enfield Twins are finally out now. We had a chance to drive them back to back on the beautiful roads of Goa. The bikes seem to be very nice, much better than other products of RE, but more on that in our detailed reviews of the bike. A lot of our readers were interested to know what differentiates the two twins, what does each bike stand for. We parked both the bikes side by side to give you a nice demonstration of the subtle but huge differences between the two bikes. Prices for the Interceptor start at INR 2.5L while the Continental GT starts at INR 2.65 L.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins Accessories

We start with the design elements, coming to the wheels. Both bikes get 18-inch spoked wheels but while the Interceptor’s wheels are finished in the metallic/chrome sort of paint, the Continental GT gets a blacked-out treatment. The same goes for the Headlight casing, chrome on the Interceptor, black in the Continental GT. The tank on the Interceptor follows a teardrop design, a throwback to the old bike while the Continental GT gets a sharper and more sporty designed fuel tank. The fuel tank capacity of the Interceptor is 13.7 litres and 12.5 litres for the Continental GT. The seat on the Interceptor is wider and seems to more comfortable for two people when compared to that of the Continental GT. Other differences are the blacked out fenders on the Continental GT while the Interceptor gets them in a silver finish.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

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A major difference between the two is the way they ride, both of the bikes ride, unlike any other RE we have seen before. The Interceptor gets a sort of relaxed riding position with an upright handlebar. The Continental GT, on the other hand, offers a more sporty riding experience. It gets rear set foot pegs and lower, clip-on type handlebars which make the rider scoop down and deliver a more sporty feel. Apart from that, there are no other differences in the two bikes, they share everything – chassis, suspension, brakes and engine. Do watch our video describing these differences in Hindi, do drop a like, subscribe and share. Stay tuned for detailed reviews on both the bikes coming very soon.

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