VIDEO: Crazy Yamaha R15 Has An Eject Button For Its Pillion Seat And A Touchscreen Display

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As boys, all of us dreamt of riding riding/driving automobiles with as many buttons which could do a gazillion things. One may put the blame on series like the Knight Rider or Street Hawk. But where we parked our lazy bums and did nothing about our fantasies, someone took matters in his own hands and turned his Yamaha R15 into a gadget freak’s wet dream.

Called the Raptor, this Yamaha R15 has features which will put many cars to shame. It has a keyfob, auto folding/unfolding mirrors, a glowing ring around its keyhole and a casio like beeping sound to tell the rider that the side stand’s still out! Since this is the V2 version, like the V3 Yamaha R15, this bike gets a high rpm warning light. There’s a button which doesn’t really eject the pillion seat like a fighter jet, but still, in a very cool manner, unlocks it! There’s another switch which activates remote function, and then the bike just rides on its own to wherever you are. All you have to do is just whistle! You know we’re kidding, but the keyfob even has a car like follow me home feature!

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What else? the headlights come on automatically when they sense it’s dark, there’s an in-built mobile charger. Then, there’s a secondary touchscreen colour screen fitted above the fuel lid which displays navigation, caller id, bike info, and god knows what else as it is still being programmed and isn’t fully ready. That’s not it, the guy behind these crazy mod jobs has also designed a special bluetooth enabled helmet and painted it in the same colours as the bike! Watch the videos and be amazed. And the next time, if you like a bike and crib about any missing features, take some inspiration from OFIK here. He truly is one of a kind!


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