VIDEO: The ‘2015 Chrysler 200’, reinstating America’s belief as born creators


chrysler 200

It is a well known and somehow surprising fact that the Americans haven’t been the ones to dish out cars that really excite the Petrol-head. With the exception of a few icons like The Mustang, The GT40, The Corvette and maybe a few more they haven’t really applied any ‘NASA’ to their cars. The trouble is, they have been at the forefront of technology and its application in everyday lives, however why does it have to be the Europeans or the Japanese and the ever improving Koreans now, to produce cars that excel in many ways compared to the trailer sized vehicles manufactured in the US of the A.



New Chrysler 200 celebrates being a true American

In Depth look at the 2015 Chrysler 200

Well it seems to be changing now, or atleast as this advert suggests. ‘Zee’ Americans are taking their image of being the ‘Creators’ pretty seriously and have built a sleek looking  all new ‘2015 Chrysler 200’, one they feel doesn’t need to cross the Pacific to be worthy of ‘American’ roads. A car they feel isn’t blonde, A car that makes them sing, “Things have changed”, Have they? So put your hands up for Detroit.



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