Video:New Chrysler 200 Celebrates Being a True American

New Chrysler 200 video: America's Import - the brand insists that it embodies the spirit of America, and presents the new Chrysler 200 as a true American car

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Chrysler has come up with a brand new video campaign that celebrates the true American lineage of all its products, including the brand new Chrysler 200. Chrysler embodies the true spirit of being American. There is nothing that can replace the American-ness of the people who put their sweat in the production of the car at the assembly line.

In their Super Bowl promotion Chrysler proclaims “So let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watches and let Asia assemble your phones, let us (Americans) build your cars. This is quite an emotion provoking video. We suggest you have a look at it.

new chrysler 200

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