Victory Motorcycles cruise in India by 2012

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After watching its close rival Harley Davidson doing well in the Indian market, Victory Motorcycles, the U.S based company is making an entry in the Indian market by next year. Victory Motorcycles is expected to make an appearance in the Delhi Auto Expo next year. Before setting up a plant Victory Motorcycles will import the bikes here, after they get a positive reply from the public they will start a plant. Victory Motorcycles in the U.S are sold at Rs 5.68 lakh to Rs 12.73 lakh. With the import duties being high in India the bikes turn out to be double the cost when they enter the showroom. So the Victory will be approximately twice its cost when sold. Will that attract the market? Well that is for us to see.

The company will enter the country via the CBU route, and will start assembling the vehicles here if the volumes are strong enough.

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