BharatBenz: The Mercedes of trucks

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If you thought trucks were all about the Tata and Ashok Leyland then you will be surprised by the decision made by Daimler India to introduce a brand of trucks named as “BharatBenz”. Daimler which is the world’s largest manufacturer of medium to heavy duty trucks above 6 tonnes has unveiled new trucks for the Indian market. Trucks showcased are ranging from 6 to 49 tons.

Production of these trucks will be done in India itself at a place called Oragadam near Chennai. These trucks are tailor made by Daimler to suit the Indian conditions. They have named the series BharatBenz after the country’s name as these trucks are made here in India. With the Daimler’s impeccable reputation in engineering, we can bet the performance of these trucks will be top notch. By 2020 BharatBenz expects to grow as much as 80% in the Indian truck market.

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