The Taurus 2×2 motorcycle is something you’d definitely want to own

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While a majority of the people in this country wait for the monsoons to arrive as a respite to the hot summers, a few people like me don’t quite like the season as much. Blame it on the pot-holed roads, drowsy weather or something else, but this is one season I wouldn’t prefer taking out my bike. For a few people as me, the motorcycle in this article just might be the answer to all the problems.

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Russian company Moto 2×2, produces this go-anywhere motorcycle christened as the Taurus 2×2. As the name goes, the motorcycle is a two wheel driven two-wheeler with meaty off-road tires that serves the purpose of tackling the worst of terrains and even the craters..umm potholes that we suffer from each year. The beauty of its size is the fact that it can be dismantled and kept in the boot of your SUV.

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Weighing in at just 82 kgs, the Taurus 2×2 is powered by a Honda sourced 210cc motor that is capable of producing a maximum power output of 7 hp. Transmission duties are taken care of by an automatic gearbox. Customers also have the option of buying the Taurus with the conventional manual starter or an electric button start. The fuel tank is said to have an impressive capacity of about 12 litres while the maximum speed is restricted to 38 kmph.

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Tires pressures have to be kept at a level of 3 psi due to the fact that the motorcycle is not equipped with any suspension. Dimension wise, the Taurus measures 330 mm in width, has a seat height of 790 mm while the height of the steering wheel stands at 1000mm. The motorcycle is also capable of functioning in snow up to 35 cm in depth. Prices, although unconfirmed, will set you back by much more than a regular scooter in India.

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Taurus 2×2 motorcycle Russia (7)
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