Suzuki Teases New Katana: Feel The Edge on the 2nd of October

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After releasing its first teaser of a something being forged, Suzuki Motorcycles really got people wondering about what they are up to. A week later Suzuki released yet another teaser showcasing a Katana being forged, for those of you that don’t know the Suzuki Katana is a legendary motorcycle that has now been discontinued. It made it debut in the year 1981 and was designed by Target Design which was founded by ex-BMW designers Hans-Georg Kasten, Jan Fellstrom and Hans Muth.

The three of them were contracted by Motorrad to style a motorcycle of the future, which then gave us the semi-faired sport touring machine as we know it. Suzuki produced Katana’s ranging from 550cc, 650cc, 750cc and the most popular of them all, the 1100cc model. The Katana was finally put to rest in the year 2005, which was a sad one for a lot of Suzuki lovers that have been waiting ever since for it to make a comeback.

After watching all the teasers Suzuki has rolled out we are left with two rough ideas of what the outcome may be, bear with us here. The first idea suggesting that it’ll launch as a classic model bearing similar looks to the original Katana while using a reworked Suzuki K5 motor that is currently doing duty in the GSX-S1000. The other idea is that the new Katana will be based on the 2013 Recursion concept motorcycle that had hints of Katana all over it, but the big scoring point here is the fact that this used a turbocharged parallel twin.

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Just the thought of a turbocharged Suzuki is all sorts of crazy and or even the thought of the rather bland looking GSX-S1000 getting redesigned as the Katana. Either way, we feel even if they swing either way it will be welcomed with open arms, or better yet they swing both ways, I guess we’ll find out on the 2nd of October.

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