Steelbird Has Hired An Ex Dainese And AGV Director To Head Its Domestic & Global Production

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Steelbird Helmets have just hired Mr Massimo Varese who is a well-known helmet designer internationally and has over 25 years of experience when it comes to the production of helmets. Steelbird Helmets plan to enter the global market and better their overall domestic production, hence the move to hire such an experienced designer. Varese has worked with companies like Dainese, Marvet, AGV, Pastorfrigor, Nava and Omega, all of which are well-known names in the industry. Steelbird hopes on using his vast level of knowledge and experience to help the company grow into a more premium and upmarket brand as it enters the global market.

Massimo Varese

Steelbird is currently the largest producer of ISI helmets in India and plans on making Varese responsible for the design, development and production of its helmets. With the government’s recent decision on banning all helmets that aren’t ISI certified ones, Steelbird expects to see a huge boost in sales and isn’t going to hold back on cashing in. Mr Massimo Varese commented on this occasion saying “This is a great opportunity for me to apply my talent and expertise in the industry which is close to my heart. I am extremely excited to join Steelbird Helmet and to serve Asia’s largest helmet industry i.e. India.” Steelbird is quite a well-known manufacturer in India, currently producing around 4 million helmets per year and now with a target to increase production to 10 million units a year by 2020.

Steelbird Air SBA-2 Glossy Blue

Recently they introduced a helmet called the SBA-2 for Rs. 3,409/-, this is a double visor helmet and has one of the longest visors and offer good air ventilation & circulation, it also happens to be designed in Italy. However, it misses out on a head pad and a proper locking system but gets an iridium coating that is available in four colours of blue, rainbow, gold and silver. The outer visor on the SBA-2 has night vision technology and comes in green, gold and rainbow colours while it possessing up to three layers of protection that include a mouth guard and chin guard while complying with international standards.

Steelbird Air SBA-2 Glossy Blue Side View

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Speaking on the new alliance, Mr Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird Group said, “I am delighted to welcome Mr Massimo Varese in Steelbird Family. The appointment of Massimo Varese who comes with such a rich experience will be responsible for the expansion of Steelbird helmet’s portfolio including design, development and production for domestic as well as global market. The appointment of Massimo Varese will open up new vistas for the Indian helmet brand to take off for the global journey with his strong and fresh ideas.”

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